About LIFA

LIFA in Iceland means coexisting and refers to the life quality that we want to offer to tenants, both from a human and an environmental point of view. We act with the utmost respect for our tenants, our employees and future generations by minimizing our ecological footprint. If you are looking for a unique rental space, think LIFA.

Lifa is a Quebec base real estate investment fund specializing in the acquisition, development and ownership of real estate rental projects. Behind the initiative of the fund are five entrepreneurs, who have been making their mark in the Montreal real estate market for more than ten years as promoters, real estate brokers, building contractors and owners of about 50 rental units. Their common objective via Lifa is to share their experience and know-how for the benefit of investors interested in an innovative investment.

Lifa's line of action is simple and concise: to enable its investors to benefit from a favorable financial return, while providing the various fund's stakeholders with a unique experience that differs from current standards of the real estate market.
KnightsBridge is the largest LEED certified multi-residential project builder on the island of Montreal. They design, build and sell housing units with optimum lifespans and performance. All their projects are designed by recognized architectural firms to ensure design and ergonomics that meet the changing needs of today’s clientele…and tomorrow’s!
They build 100% new buildings – from the foundations to the roof – that contain a limited number of units in order to reduce common expenses. Their buildings also integrate innovative technologies and systems to maximize energy efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Our values


Ensure honest business processes and delivery of the quality product that we've promised you


Stay on the lookout for new products and technologies that will give an added value to our properties simply to make them more unique


Act in total respect toward our clients, employees, collaborators and investors as well as toward future generations by minimizing our environmental footprint